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Monday, May 21, 2018

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Dear Parents,

It looks like the Science Fair and Math Carnival was a success! The students did an outstanding job on their projects!

Summer Birthdays
We will celebrate summer birthdays on Wednesday. If your child has a summer birthday and would like to bring treats to celebrate it, that would be the day! We will party in the afternoon, after lunch.

May Reading Calendar is due now. Tomorrow is the last day it can count for this grading period.

Students need to bring a bag of some kind on Thursday and again on Friday to take home extra supplies.

Field Day is actually only an hour long and then my students have show off in music. This will be on the 24th at 9:30. Parents are not needed to run anything or help this year.

Lunch on Friday is a picnic lunch outside. Please do not send anything that needs microwaved. School is out at 1:45 p.m.

Awards are Friday at 11:30. If your child has an award coming, I have emailed you separately already.

Thank you so much for letting me teach your children this year. This was one of the nicest classes I have worked with! You have great children!

Dates to remember.....
Tuesday, May 22       Last chance May Reading Calendar
Wednesday, May 23  Summer Birthdays 1:30
Thursday, May 24   Field Day K-5th grade, 9:30 for 4th                                           Grade  
Friday, May 25       Awards assembly for 3-5, 11:30 AM

Friday, May 25       Luau 6th-12th gr., picnic lunch K-5th                                         gr,
Friday, May 25       Last Day of School early release                                              @ 1:45 PM
Saturday, May 26  Graduation at 7PM at O'Conner Field                                       House/ practice at 10

Monday, May 14, 2018

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Dear Parents,

Science Fair is Friday! Please help your child remember to bring in his or her science fair project Friday morning. We don't have room to store them, so please not earlier. They are welcome to take them home from the science fair. The packet does not have to be returned. Mrs. Elordi will be helping set them up and Mrs. Bingham will be here during the science fair for me. She will be taking pictures of each science project so I can grade them.

I will be gone on Thursday and Friday. Mrs. Elordi will be filling in for me in the classroom. The students will enjoy her! My grandson just got back to the states 2 weeks ago from Jordan. He is in the Air Force and I haven't seen him for about 2 years. He only has leave with this weekend off.  So, I will be visiting with him. However, I will be back for the last week of school! 

We are testing on the last spelling test Wednesday. 

Here is a list of dates........

Friday, May 18              Math Carnival K-5th 4-6:30/Science Night 3:30-7PM   
Thursday, May 24         Field Day K-5th grade  
Friday, May 25              Awards assembly for 3-5, 11:30 AM
Friday, May 25              Luau 6th-12th gr., picnic lunch K-5th gr, 
Friday, May 25              Last Day of School early release @ 1:45 PM 
Saturday, May 26         Graduation at 7PM at O'Conner Field House/ practice at 10

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


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Dear Parents,
A very big thank you to all the parents that participated in Wagons Ho! yesterday! You all worked very hard and we couldn't have done it without you! It is always one of the greatest experiences for our students each year. 

We are on our last spelling list. It is summer words. We won't test this week. We will test by Wednesday of next week. 

We have finished Maniac MaGee and will be testing on it today. It was hard getting it finished during testing and other activities, but we made it. We are going to do some plays and poem writing to finish up our year.

The last scholastic book order is due by the 13th. That way we can get the books by the end of the year.

This year the field day is only an hour long. Teachers, students and EAs will take care of it. Parents will not need to help with it. After Wagons Ho!, I'm sure that is a relief!

Tomorrow is Beauty and the Beast. We will leave the school before 8:30 and be back close to 11:30. 

IXL will not be used as a grade the remainder of the year. I promised the class if they scored over 60% there would be no more IXL grades. They scored far above that, so that is it for IXL grades. However, you are welcome to have them work on IXL all summer to keep them caught up. It will be set up until at least August.

Dates to remember......

Wednesday, May 9    Beauty and the Beast at the Nampa 
                                  Civic Center
Friday, May 18          Science Fair and Math Carnival
Monday, May 21       May Reading Calendar Due
Thursday, May 24     Field Day, 9:30-10:30
Friday, May 25         Awards, 11:30-12:15 for 4th 
                                  Last day of school!